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My mother describes me as being a “corky little girl” who was different and enjoyed experimenting with colors. Colors in my clothes, my shoes, my hair, and my face. Not much has changed. I’m still Corky, Colorful and Creative. I believe that childhood experiences influence adulthood outcomes. I guess this theory explains why I share a love and commitment to educating children and adults alike. With formal education in Business Administration and Child Care Management I bring passion back into learning environments paired with research and personal stories.
I connect with people, the environment and all that we can and can not see. Hence my recent formal interest in graduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis. Yes, corky girls can be Business Leaders, Educators, and Scientist at the same time! I am on a life-long journey of self-discovery and elevation. Energy flows through me, to serve you.
Join me on this journey of self-discovery where corky little girls and curious little boys grow to up to do EXTRAORDINARY things! This page is dedicated to my grandmother that I loss at the age of 7, she was the first Entrepreneur that I met and my first experience with death. Through her cheerful spirit demonstrated in her bright red vest that I am wearing in the photo above, I feel true love and balance for life, work, and studies. Love you always, Marguerite Ramona Rodriguez Lopez Lewis-El (MOCK).



In person or online. Let’s explore your vision, build your confidence, plan your destiny and create an abundant life. Connect with me now for clarity, peace of mind, happiness and prosperity.


Professional Development Courses as well as uniquely designed Organizational Culture-Specific curriculums for aspiring leaders, seasoned managers, and teams.

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